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Elevating Network Security

Tailored Solutions for Superior Protection. 

Empowering Your Team

Implement User-Friendly SSO, DNS, and more!

Unlocking Performance

Supercharge your time and money while protecting your business operations.

Your Technology deserves a HUMAN touch!

When you pick up the phone, rest assured we are the ones who will answer.  We’ve called the Sioux Empire home for decades, and we get how your business works.  As your managed service provider, we actively look for solutions to your problems and integrate preventative measures keeping your business moving forward.

And if something goes wrong, we’re right alongside you the whole time working to make it right.  

So what makes us different?

Proactive Management

We actively investigate system and device performance.  Automated reports aren’t enough to let us if know things are working.

Emphasis on Security

Enhanced network security, backup capture and deployment, as well as implementing operations center monitoring help you rest assured you’re protected no matter where or when. 

Educational Partnerships

You don’t have to do technology alone.  We believe in educating you and your team about technology issues so you feel confident in your business.

You should want to talk to your MSP!

Not feel dismissed by them!


I’m excited to work with people to help bring creative solutions to their technology problems. I’m a firm believer that there are no stupid questions. Your problems are real and I’m here to help.

Learn More About Matt

The experience I have picked up over the years working with ISPs, managing the IT systems on a Trident Submarine, working for other MSPs, and the 17 years I spent working in hospitals and other healthcare environments is what brings me to today.

Learn More About Nate

Don’t take just our word for it!


Platinum Imagination Hair and Makeup

“Sioux Empire I.T. Services is amazing!!! Great IT work and fun experience!”


Rod’s Property Management

“Sioux Empire IT services has been a great partner for our business. It has taken the worry out of our IT concerns as we know systems are being monitored for real and not just being told so to make us feel good.”


Sioux Falls Bicycle Company

“Matt and Nate are fair, honest and efficient.”

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